A Glance at the Candidates

I firmly believe that more than any point in American history, we the people have a choice to decide between freedom, liberty, and prosperity, or the further robbery of our rights, other nation’s rights, and the risk of global warfare. I do not wish to fear-monger, or to manipulate in order to progress a candidates ideals. I do however wish to express my opinion and hopefully promote the ideals on which our country was founded.
We are now down to 5 candidates for president (assuming no third-party candidates with viability.) Those candidates are Gingrich, Obama, Paul, Romney, and Santorum. The fault of this fact is that of the 5 candidates we have two pairs who are very similar, despite the constant manipulation by the MSM and the parties. Gingrich and Santorum are very similar in ideology, with the candidates currently splitting a sect of the republican vote. As strange as it sounds Obama and Romney are also two peas in a pod. Romney and Obama have both passed healthcare bills as executives that are eerily similar and have both been considered as each respective candidates biggest controversy. now on to my analysis of each candidate.
I will start with the candidate whom I find to be the worst for America and work our way progressively to whom I find as a more appeasing candidate.

A former CEO of Bain Capital, former Governor of Massachusetts, and son of George Romney (former Governor of Michigan and U.S. Presidential Candidate.) Romney fits the bill. He has economic experience, executive experience, money to fund his campaign, and a legacy to follow. All of these are exactly why you shouldn’t vote for him though. As a former CEO of Bain Capital he was not “successful” by measures of virtue. There is no problem with him making money, it is how he made it,  and his choice of business to venture into. The type of company he ran was a venture capitalist company, as well as private equity. If you are unfamiliar with this type of company, they buy and/or invest into companies and squeeze money out of them by making them the most profitable possible. This means no regard for the employees or the prosperity of any individuals besides themselves. Romney is not an intentional job creator, in fact he would prefer to have hired as little people as possible. Romney is also making false claims as the majority of the companies in which he contributed to their growth he was in no way responsible, he simply had money and knows people with money. There is nothing with earning an honest living, and I am not taking that away from Romney, I just don’t want a president who’s biggest brag of why he should be president is not only a lie, but the truth of it is that he was a profiteer who benefited off of having money, knowing money, and moving money. Romney didn’t create jobs, in fact in his tenure as governor his state ranked 47th in job growth. Romney is a moderate seeking to help big business, and hurt civil liberties in order to fight “terrorism.” He has no intentions of helping the REAL people of America.

On to frothy mixture, I mean Santorum. Santorum is alright, he’s just ignorant.  Santorum is probably the biggest supporter of social conservatism. He has been quoted for comparing the LGBT community to. He has also supported defining life as conception, denying teenagers education on birth control, illegalizing birth control, imposing a constitutional amendment abolishing all abortions, imposing a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman, abolishing same-sex adoption, and moving children already adopted into same-sex families into foster homes. Santorum also buys into the theory that there are elite companies that are “job creators” despite there being plenty of evidence that Main Street America is the true backbone of America.

Oh, Newt Gingrich if you weren’t a maniacal liar and hypocrite you might be a viable U.S. President, although i doubt it. Newt is famous for scandal. during his campaign to impeach Clinton he was in an extra-marital affair. 1 hypocrite point. During his tenure as the Speaker of the house he resigned and was fined $400,000 for his improper use of finances. Yet he speaks of how good his party managed the budget. 2 hypocrite points. During the campaign he has constantly called out every fact check he can on Romney, but just yesterday Ron Paul criticized him for lying about the budget which was never positive in his tenure. 3 hypocrite points. I can keep going, but I think you get the point.

Barrack is probably a good name, as he is on his way to send Americans into underground barracks. Obama as well as all of the aforementioned have every intention to use every power to stop Iran from well being Iran. As scary as Iran can be, there is a reason we have not gone to war with them yet, because they could very easily start world war 3. This however, is just a prediction here are some facts on Obama. He supported the NDAA or as i call it, eternal global warfare including U.S. citizens. He also signed ACTA which if you are unfamiliar it’s basically SOPA but worse. Its also very secretive, and is a GLOBAL treaty. He also sat less than a mile away at a fundraiser, as the Oakland Police Department attacked peaceful protesters with flashbangs, tear gas, batons, and rubber bullets, and did nothing to stop it. Obama campaigned for alot of things i supported and as soon as got into the oval office the scam was evident.

Now to the first part of this that gives me a glimmer of hope for our country, and our people. Ron Paul. Ron Paul is a firm constitutionalist and libertarian. He believes the government constantly intrudes into our lives unnecessarily. He is against all of our wars, including the one on drugs. He is the number one promoter of ending the Fed, getting America out of debt, and using sound money. He has never voted for any stripping of any american rights, ever. You would be hard pressed to find any scandals, or quotes that make Ron paul look anything less than honorable. The only the MSM, who have constantly criticized him, could find was a newsletter which he didn’t even write. Ron Paul is the only honest man left in Washington. Ron Paul is the only candidate who isn’t bought out. Ron Paul is the only candidate who will not cause World War III. Ron Paul is freedom.


No Lies, Just Love.

From Conor’s emotion pouring into each breath he takes, to the words pounding into your heart as they flow off his lips, “No Lies, Just Love” is a masterpiece. The song takes you deep into a seventeen year old Conor ridden with depression, loneliness, and no sense of belonging. As you listen you follow the journey of Conor as he debates suicide indirectly, and love ever so directly. The song gets progressively darker leading up to the beautiful line:

My salvation it came, quite suddenly
When Justin spoke very plainly
He said “Of course it’s your decision,
But just so you know,
If you decide to leave,
Soon I will follow”

At the moment these words come off of his tongue and into my ears i immediately feel a sense of sadness, joy, and raw love all battling each other. He goes onto dabble in the idea of salvation and purity. The most beautiful song I’ve heard in my time on this earth, Conor Oberst has written literature to be reveled about for decades.

I will be pure
No, no, I know i will be pure
Like snow, like gold


Wordpress, google, wikimedia, reddit, and twitter users, hell yes!

Congratulations on a victory. Today millions of people learned about SOPA and PIPA. Millions of people announced their opposition of the bills. The people are taking a strong stand on the growing tyranny that is the american government.
I really didn’t think this would happen, I truly thought that the people had given up or were too distracted to try to stop this disastrous path in which we are walking. Thank you everyone who blacked out today and woke up a lot of America.
“The people united will never be defeated.”

Matthew Walden

“Live free or DIE”

Yesterday I watched the news. I found out that Mitt Romney, you know that asshole who ran a company based on buying companies, squeezing the last bit of profit out of them and then dropping them, won the New Hampshire Primary. Mitt Romney is also the guy who scored a perfect 0 out of 28 on the ACLU’s rating that assesses a candidates willingness to protect civil liberties(http://www.aclulibertywatch.org/ALWCandidateReportCard.pdf). Romney is also the guy who just a day before the primary was attributed with the instantly famous quote “I like firing people” as misused as this quote was (he was talking about when you hire someone for a service I.E. insurance,  or fixing your roof, etc.) it pretty much sums up Romney.
I also perused the internet yesterday, and found much more interesting news. In Nigeria there are massive protests as part of the occupy movement(http://www.rightnow.io/breaking-news/fuelsubsidy_bn_1325521860858.html). The sad part of this though, is that many protesters were beaten, tortured, and killed for exercising their right to protest and express dissidence with their government.
The New Hampshire motto is “live free or die” so you would think with a heavy libertarian base there, and a strong motto like that, the people would choose a candidate that is more willing to protect their rights. A candidate such as John Huntsman or Ron Paul. Sadly since the Murrah Bombing in my hometown, OKC, and the attack on The World Trade Center in NYC americans have gladly and willfully given up rights.
On July 4th, 1776 we formed a country based on the principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Sounds pretty damn good right? I thought so too. In fact, growing up I was taught that all of these principles, amongst many others are still alive and kicking in the good old U.S. of A. However, like most kids are, I was deceived. No longer is the bill of rights what it used to be. No longer can I do as I please, as long as what I please does not infringe on you doing what you please. Since the Declaration of Independence was published and later the Constitution of The United States of America my rights have been slowly beaten into the ground.
“What do you mean Matt? We’re in America? Land of the Free?”
It does not take a lawyer or a scientist to see how our rights have been trampled on. The Hegelian Dialectic, or “Problem, Reaction, Solution.” is a really simple tactic that is often used  to impose laws that are often immoral and deceitful. For example: say you run a convenience store, and while working you notice that a lot of people come in smelling like marijuana and you also notice that when people coming in with that odor your product becomes missing. Well being the businessman that you are, you would like to prevent stealing. You see that congress is trying to pass a bill to illegalize smoking Marijauna. So being the wise businessmen you are you think “if Marijuana is illegal, than weed smokers will stop getting high and stealing from me.” so you decide to support this bill and call your representative and ask him to vote yes. There was a problem: weed smokers stealing rom your business. You had a reaction: frustration with the loss of product causing disdain with someone who smokes weed. Congress made a solution: illegalizing marijuana. this seems to make sense right? Wrong. Although it is wrong that these people have stolen from you, the reaction was incorrect, as it is most likely that is not weed smokers who steal from you, but a small group of them who are probably criminally minded with or without weed. The solution was incorrect, for two reasons. One: illegalizing a plant based upon “evidence” that it’s bad, and/or causes people to be bad is not a just assessment, just as it would be irrational to illegalize caffeine as it can cause people to be “bad.” Secondly: the solution put in doesn’t fix the problem but increases it. Now weed smokers have to pay more for their product, leaving them less for yours. It also increases other crime rates as more criminal minded people capitalize on its illegality and use force to gain power in trafficking and selling it.
This post is not about prohibition of Marijuana though, it’s about recognizing how the people in power trick you into allowing them to infringe upon your rights. By using the Hegelian Dialectic congress can virtually pass anything it wants if they play the right hands and word it right. Its how they’ve passed The Patriot Act, The National Defense Authorization Act, The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, the Vietnam War, The War on Drugs, and many other bills they’ve passed. It is also how they’re trying to pass SOPA and PIPA.
Although the process of the Hegelian Dialectic does make sense, as it is what we’ve been taught throughout life. When there is a problem big enough to cause  a reaction, you find a solution. The problem isn’t the process itself though, it is the manipulation of the process to put more power into the people we’ve already given power. this causes a deadly cycle in which we go from a land of freedom into a land of fascism.
As I use the process in which I have so heavily criticized, I offer you a solution hoping that this article caused at least a bit of reaction. Do not allow congress to slip bills past your blind eyes. Do not give more power to the people who have not done whats best for the american people in decades. Vote for someone who you are positive is there to protect you and not the interests of others. Do not give up a single right, no matter the cause, including terrorism. When trying to gain power, the best tactic is fear, this is exactly why terrorism is blown out of proportion.
In Nigeria the people are fighting against an unjust government, no longer bowing in the face of tyrrany. In America our rights are being taken away from us, piece by piece. If the American government continues to infringe on our rights, you will see upheaval and rebellion as you do in Nigeria. New Hampshire may have made a poor decision in their primary election, as the people are not yet fully awake, but I assure you the people are angry, and the people are ready to put everything on the line for their freedom.

Live free or die,

You want my vote?

  • First: Prove to me you care about the people of america, truly, not the bureaucracy
  • Second: Prove to me that you won’t pull a Vietnam, Iraq, Afganistan, etc.
  • Third: Number one priority = my right to my own choices. (You know, the modern day christianity ideal of it being your choice what you do, and for god to decide later if you chose correctly) (wait this means that the christianity based Republican social ideas are actually counter to the bible?)
  • Fourth: Show me that you care if there is some meat and bread on my plate.
  • Fifth: conflict of interest = loss of my vote.
  • Sixth: Pledge to defend the rights for nayone to pledge their love to anyone. Love doesn’t have boundaries.
  • Seventh: You must have never been a fascist and voted for The Patriot Act, Indefinite Detention, SOPA, or PIPA
  • Eighth: If citizens united is your best friend, conside myself the citizen un-united
  • Ninth: If you are a profiteer, i’m not going to profit from your presidency.
  • Tenth: A servant is humble, a politician is not. A president who previously served the people before he had power, is much more likely to continue to serve. 

Its a new year.

It is officially the third of 366 days, or 356 for the conspiracy theorists who believe this is our worlds last year. That means you have 363 days to make 2012 what you want it to be. You may ask, how can I make the year what I want it to be? Simple, do it.

Each year millions of people make New Years resolutions. Lose weight, stop smoking, quit drinking, save money, etc. The sad fact of these resolutions is that most people fail. Not because they take on too much, or because of outside circumstances, but because as a species we have simply learned to settle. We no longer fight for what we want, nor do we challenge ourselves to do better. We no longer have self-control, or conviction. We do not fix our problems, we instead push them aside until we have to take care of them, and in turn settle for a sloppy fix. We find ourselves in this conundrum of constant calamity.

I am as guilty as you are, as we all are. I personally have debt, a failing education, a car that needs repair, a house that needs cleaning, and relationships that need mending. I also have a country in which i can no longer respect, or trust. I have an economic system which is nearly doomed for failure, and a president who lies to me, constantly.

I however, choose not to accept these as inevitable. Accepting something as inevitable is not admitting failure, but bowing down to it. I have made horrible decisions, in which I regret constantly, but I will not let these shape me. I will fight our government as it strips the last of our rights away (go ahead, blacklist me,) I will search for a remedy to our economy, I will clean my house even if it takes me three days, I will fix my car, I will continue to educate myself throughout my life, I will clear my debt, and I will step into the right direction.

 Humanity will never fail, if people choose to never give up on it. I know people may disagree with me, or call me a hopeless optimist, but i choose not to accept oppression, or failure. I challenge anyone who reads this to never give up on what you want to make things, because someone said it’s too late or its inevitable. Tell them to fuck off, because you don’t give up. 

May 2012 be a year of hope, a year in which we see humanity, unite at its best for good. May 2012 be a start of better times. May 2012 be everything it’s not “supposed” to be.

With hope of a better world,

Trampled on

Ever get the feeling that you’re that piece of blackish pink gum smashed into the sidewalk after months of trampling on. Well you should.

On April 25th of 1996 the American government spit out the American people. The passed the first of “counterterrorism” bills in a bipartisan party attacking the rights of the people. Signed in by Bill Clinton, it passed through the senate 91- 8 and the house with absolutely no objections.
On October 26th of 2001  the government smashed us into the pavement. They passed the Patriot Act. The second attack on the rights of millions was signed in by George W. Bush passing through the senate with only one  nay (Feingold), and through the house with a large majority (357-66.)

On December 15th of 2011 The government continued its trampling as it passed the 2012 NDAA.  The third blow, allowing the U.S. military to ignore habeas corpus on U.S. citizens to “indefinitely detain” them. The bill passed through both senate and house with little opposition.

As the senate and house battle to pass SOPA and PIPA it has become evident that the U.S. government has begone a war against the people.

Here’s to being that piece of blackish pink gum smashed on the bottom of America’s boot,


2011 has been a year of revolutions, of talks of a world war, fear of global economic collapses, the death of some tyrants, a year of truth, a year of awakening, a year to go down in history.

The general population hasn’t quite grasped it but we are in the middle of a turning point in society, things are rapidly changing, and radicalism is everywhere. It is a rare moment in life when you know what you are experiencing will be in textbooks someday. The history books will talk about Freedom of Information, and the battle to retain it. People will talk about  Occupy Wall Street, The Arab Spring, The Wisconsin Protests, The British Riots, the formation of South Sudan, The fall of Qadhafi, The rise of libertarian and populist movements, hacktivism, and the depression we are living in for decades.

The world is on a ledge at all moments in the state we live in. America is now completely reliant on war and debt. The European Union is making deals for extreme debt to delay the inevitable. The Middle East is more tense than ever. A young man now rules one of the most feared countries. China’s economy is going down, and needs America to pay back its monstrous debt. Several countries are in wars vs. their own people.

With all of this turmoil and fear prevailing on the globe, I fear and expect extreme changes in society in 2012. I am not certain what these changes will be, but I am certain that people will want to be with the people they love the most. 2012, among many other things, must be a year of relationships.

This year must be a year of people caring, caring about their fellow-man, and caring about who they want in their life. This year will be a year of tough times, and no matter whether we see an economic collapse, a war, or any global events. 2012 will not be a year of prosperity, and it will not be a year of happiness. We the people, have to unite to survive what could be coming, we mus show the powers that be that we care too much about our lives, and each other to let them demolish everything. We must spend time with our loves, and our family because life may change and never be the same (it could very well be for the good).

We are experiencing something global, something connected, and something revolutionary. We must be aware of this to steer things in a direction we want. To change the balance of fear to those in power the people must have not fear of tyranny but fight it.